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1 Million Infographic

For my Print Design and Narrative final I was given the task to create a poster that signified the number 1 Million. It was challenging to take an almost unfathomable number and make it more digestible. But after a lot of long division and scratch pieces of paper, I finally got it figured out!

So let's put a few things into perspective: It takes 12.5 hives to house 1 million bees. But just how many bees is that? Enough to make 2,000 8 oz jars of honey!

The expression
project poster

My Layout and Design professor created the concept for The Expression Project: A Symposium on Race Relations In America. At this convention, experts and social justice enthusiasts would gather to discuss race relations in America. 

For this project, I wanted to focus on the concept of rewriting history. Summer 2020 had just come to an end, but the topic of race relations was still circulating in press (and continues to do so today). You couldn't pick up a newspaper or a read a headline online without hearing about racism or the Black Lives Matter movement. Unfortunately, the headlines did not always give an authentic image of what the movement was truly about. Rather than focusing on riots and police violence, I wanted to focus on more meaningful headlines. All of which can be seen in the background of this promotional poster. Across the bottom, you can see protestors continuing their fight for justice and equality. They continue to fight for what they believe in, no matter what the headlines say.


Bold and fearless newspaper design: 3 from hell

For my Layout and Design final, my class was to create our own newspaper front cover. Feeling inspired to dive even deeper into the horror film industry, I decided to create a paper reporting on the 3 from Hell. 

The 3 from Hell are escaped serial killers and the only surviving members of the Firefly Family. Director Rob Zombie continued to tell their story after their breakout film, House of 1000 Corpses. Siblings Baby Firefly and Otis Driftwood escape from a maximum security prison following the execution of their father Captain Spalding, killer clown. El Universal newspaper references their escape to Mexico and tells the story of the escaped mental case and conspiracist. 

I knew I wanted the paper to look mangled and dirty. Almost like Baby and Otis picked it up off the side of the road and decided to rewrite the stories themselves.

Bold and Fearless Poster.png
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