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Logo Work

One of my favorite things about design is helping organizations create a brand identity. I love creating logos for clients! It's such a great feeling to know that I am helping a new or growing organization establish their identity. To create a logo is to create something so meaningful for an up and coming organization or an independent person working on their passion project. I enjoy every step of the way!

CILI'S 10th Institute logo

During my semester with the Donnelley Center for Non-profit Communications I had the pleasure of creating this logo for CILI's 10th Institute internship program! CILI already had their own branding established, but wanted to make the 10th Institute more marketable and attractive to prospective student interns. 

Initially, the only guidelines CILI gave me were to center the visual around the number 10 and to possibly incorporate a New Orleans aspect. After a few rounds of revisions we decided to feature the classic city skyline, featuring several of New Orleans's most recognizable landmarks. We also adopted CILI's color palette to create relationship between the two.


I am so happy I could create a logo for an organization promoting such a great cause!


Earlier this summer (2021), I had the pleasure of working with Loyola Environmental Program professor Dr. Craig Hood! Dr. Hood monitors southeast Louisiana bats and was looking to create a brand identity for his research project. 

I spent about a month working closely with Dr. Hood to create several logo options, establish font selections and define a color palette. 

When designing the SELA Bats logo, I wanted to feature a geographically accurate bat. This fruit bat made the cut! One thing Dr. Hood and I agreed on was the fact that we wanted to avoid the "Halloweeny" look. To combat that, I chose a brighter color palette than the traditional black and purple we usually associate with bats. We focused mainly on blue and white. Put it all together and this is the final result!

Check out SELA Bats here!

SELA BATS- Round Logo.png
Sela Bats
landscape Logo

While working with Dr. Hood, I knew I wanted to provide him with a few options as far as logos go. In addition to the previous logo above, I wanted to give him a landscape option as well for any future projects he might have. Thus, the creation of this landscape logo variation! I am especially proud of the anatomically correct bat wing that Dr. Hood helped me create!

Check out SELA Bats here!

SELA BATS- Horizontal v2 Reversed.png
Ratatouille Rebrand

In this branding project, I was given the task to select a well known film and give it a completely new look. It was especially challenging to take a popular film like Ratatouille and turn it on its head. While creating each element, I learned to step away from the obvious and truly think outside the box. 

Artboard 1_2x.png
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